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Azzel, whose real name is Luca Corbo, is a young singer from Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont living in Liège for 7 years. He begins singing at the age of 12 by integrating a troupe of singing of the neighborhood house of Carnières (Hainaut) where he will also learn to play guitar. A few years later, after high school and having made various castings, he moved to Liège where he will follow a bachelor’s degree in communication. In the “Cité ardente” he’s going to meet Christian Pastore and will follow singing classes in a professional way during 4 years. At singing school “Sing your Song” he joins a group with whom he will set up a cabaret entitled “Osé … Si on Osait” together they will be called: Les Zenchantés du Mardi referring to the day they met. Les Zenchantés will give a dozen performances and will separate after the announcement of the departure of Azzel for Australia. But even if Azzel is on the other side of the world, what always makes his heart beat is music. He decided to take singing lessons in Melbourne with Professor Ian Andrew. After six months in Australia, he misses Europe and he decides to return but still decided to pursue his dreams! Today he is in Lisbon where he is working on the preparation of his first EP.

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